MTV is Casting for Bridesmaids

Our friends at MTV are recruiting bridesmaids who have a busy wedding calendar. Here is their memo below. Let us know if you get on the show! As the next wedding season approaches, MTV is searching for those that have a calendar … Continue reading »

Bride Sings Her Way Down the Aisle

Even if I could sing like her, I would have been too nervous to remember words or not mess up:


Average Cost of US Wedding at $27,021

I meant to share about this article awhile ago but no one likes to hear that costs are rising. Of course, the average cost of weddings for metropolitan areas tend to be higher than the national average, but the big takeaway is, … Continue reading »


We’re in the Top 100 Wedding Blogs Again!

Time to celebrate again about being in the Top 100 Weddings Blogs as ranked by Bride Tide. This is the second year in a row. We feel honored to be on these lists, like Koyal Wholesale that also included us in their top list … Continue reading »

Old tradition allows women to propose to men on leap day!

Leap Year and Weddings

If you’re female and either Irish or British, today is your lucky day! Old tradition says that women can ask men to marry them on leap day. If you’re Greek, old tradition says it’s unlucky to get married this year because it’s … Continue reading »

Jason Campbell, QB of Oakland Raiders. Source: washingtonpost.com

Oakland Raiders QB Calls Off Wedding Last Minute

How the heck did I miss this? Former Redskins QB, Jason Campbell, now the current QB for the Oakland Raiders, was in the Dominican Republic (DR) the same time we were! The wedding was a destination wedding that was supposed to take … Continue reading »

Koyal top 100 wedding blogs 2012

Big Fat Cake in Top Blogs to Follow in 2012

Koyal Wholesale, a popular site to purchase items for DIY projects and wedding supplies, named Big Fat Cake as a top blog to follow in 2012. Wahoo! Thank you to Koyal and thanks to our readers for following us and sharing your … Continue reading »

Happy New Year! Photo Source: 100layercake.com

Happy 2012 Wedding Planning!

Who’s ready to say good-bye to 2011? Whether it was a great year or not for you, it’s time to embrace 2012! I’ve been seeing lists of the Top 10 [fill in the blank with anything] of 2011, so I thought I’d … Continue reading »

Amy Carter and Carter Oosterhouse's green wedding. Photo Source: US Weekly

Top 10 Weddings of 2011

So this program was actually the top 10 celebrity weddings of 2011, hosted by TLC. I looked online but they don’t have the show available. Randy from Say Yes to the Dress went through what is said to be the year of … Continue reading »

Bridesmaid Trade

Press Release: Sell your used bridesmaids dresses with Bridesmaid Trade

Press Release: BridesmaidTrade.com Boston, MA — Every day, a woman somewhere opens her closet and sighs as she notices her once-worn, dry-cleaned bridesmaid dress hanging in the back of her closet. They were so pretty at the wedding and everyone swore she … Continue reading »

Social Media Trio

Big Fat Cake Welcomes the Social Button Trio

It was about time, but we finally added the trio of social buttons on all the blog posts. Tweet, Plus One, or Like your favorite post, and share with your friends. Thanks again for your suggestions and support. Keep the suggestions coming.

Photo Source: ABCNews

Couple Married for 72 Years Died Holding Hands

My sister-in-law shared an article about an elderly couple that died an hour apart holding hands. It’s a touching story. I can’t explain it…when I hear stories like this, it’s not morbid, but instead, really sweet.