Shonna’s Rustic Farm Wedding

Growing up on a farm in the mountains of North Carolina, I wanted a rustic themed wedding with the reception in a barn.  We wanted our friends and family surrounding us, good food, good music, and a beautiful setting.  We knew when … Continue reading »

Bride’s Special Dance With Her Late Father

This wedding happened last year but it was shared on the news this past Friday. A bride lost her father shortly before her wedding. For the father-daughter dance, the bride’s brother arranged a dance with the bride to “Butterfly Kisses” while she … Continue reading »

Italian Food from italian.food.com

Buon Appetito! Family Dinner Time!

When my mom and step-dad were married back in the 1990’s, we had an amazing rehearsal dinner at a little family owned Italian restaurant in the town we lived in. I remember the warmth of not only the food but the conversations … Continue reading »


Our Unconventional Destination Wedding

From the moment my fiancé and I were engaged, a destination wedding seemed the way to go. We are quiet people who tend to have a few very close, family-like friends, and then many acquaintances. While we wanted to celebrate our love … Continue reading »

The front of Lincoln's Cottage has a life-sized statue of Lincoln.

Wedding of Historic Proportions

My friends know that sometimes I end up doing random activities because of the random Groupons or LivingSocial deals that I buy. Scott falls victim to these activities but we always end up enjoying whatever it is that we normally wouldn’t have … Continue reading »

Candy Centerpiece

Candy Centerpieces

There are many alternatives to flowers for your big day, and in most cases, non-flower centerpieces can save you a bundle.  These centerpieces were made by my mother dearest for my sister’s high school reunion.  The colors were red, white, and blue, … Continue reading »

Drunk Bride

Debauchery for Later

<question> The first half of our wedding reception will be dry because my parents do not approve of alcohol at weddings. My family was okay with alcohol at the wedding after my parents and their friends leave which I’m fine with. But … Continue reading »

Photo Source: Mustafah Abdulaziz for The Wall Street Journal

Wedding-Worthy Food Trucks

Which food trucks are wedding-worthy in your city? We mentioned awhile ago that there was a trend in LA to have food trucks at weddings. The Wall Street Journal reports that the popularity of food trucks crept into wedding receptions and notes … Continue reading »

Personalized napkins at Ann's Bridal Bargains. Photo Source: Ann's Bridal Bargains

Contest: Win $100 at Ann’s Bridal Bargains

  Ann’s Bridal Bargains is giving away $100 to one lucky Big Fat Cake fan to use towards products on their site! They have many wedding products for inexpensive prices, like personalized napkins. How do you win $100? Before Wednesday, June 15 at … Continue reading »

Source: ValleyMartialArts.com

Semper Fi means Always Faithful

My husband is active duty in the Marine Corps, so we wanted to incorporate some military aspects into our wedding without having a full-on military wedding.  He didn’t want to wear his dress uniform for the wedding, but we added a few … Continue reading »

TV Carousel

A TV-themed Wedding

When I was planning our wedding, I realized that there were a lot of things that represented my fiance (er..husband) but none that represented me. But when I thought about things that represented me all I could think about was food and … Continue reading »


Hillbrook Inn for Local Destination Wedding

Scott and I just spent a weekend in Charles Town, WV….yes, the races and slots casino that just opened up table games was about 10 minutes away. But that’s not the reason why we went.  It was a nice getaway to get … Continue reading »