Wedding Invite with LEGOs

I love this invitation. The groom is a college friend. What better way to invite your guests than through LEGOs?


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

presents Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation It’s almost impossible to undo a poor first impression. That’s why choosing the right wedding invitation is so important. It’s the first part of your wedding guests will see, and it sets the tone for the … Continue reading »

...and into our tummies.

Chocolate Yum at Epiphany Chocolates

Our friends at Epiphany Chocolates added three new flavors to their holiday collection. They sent a sample to me and I can verify that they are very yummy! Perfect for holiday gifts and wedding favors. I feel really silly though…I was so excited to … Continue reading »

Lucy Tammam Designer Auriel Med credit to Miroslav Zaruba photography

Top 10 Tips for an Eco Wedding

Jen Marsden and Ingle & Rhode presents Top 10 Tips for an Eco Wedding by Jen Marsden  Thinking of an eco wedding? It’s easier than you think! Ethical expert Jen Marsden offers BigFatCake her top 10 tips to green up your wedding … Continue reading »

Red Ankle Road I.D.

I.D. Do!

A few months before our wedding, my husband was in a bicycle accident. Thankfully he was not badly harmed, but even my careful bicyclist with his helmet, reflective gear, and watchful eye never saw this accident coming. This event was in my … Continue reading »

Jen Marsden

Colored Gemstones: The New Wedding Jewelry Trend for 2013

Jen Marsden and Ingle & Rhode present Colored Gemstones: The New Wedding Jewelry Trend for 2013 by Jen Marsden  Ethical Weddings expert Jen Marsden explains why colored gemstones are the hottest trend for 2013 for your wedding jewelry. If the catwalk hasn’t … Continue reading »

Italian Food from

Buon Appetito! Family Dinner Time!

When my mom and step-dad were married back in the 1990’s, we had an amazing rehearsal dinner at a little family owned Italian restaurant in the town we lived in. I remember the warmth of not only the food but the conversations … Continue reading »


MTV is Casting for Bridesmaids

Our friends at MTV are recruiting bridesmaids who have a busy wedding calendar. Here is their memo below. Let us know if you get on the show! As the next wedding season approaches, MTV is searching for those that have a calendar … Continue reading »

Wedding Dress Table Skirt

Redefining The Table Skirt (Part 3 of 3)

So by now, you’re probably wondering where all that dress actually went?  We had the patch in my dress, and the ring bearer pillow, but there was still plenty of fabric to be used!  After inspecting my grandmother’s gown, we realized that … Continue reading »

Infographic provided by Simply Bridal

Figure Out A Silhouette for Your Shape

If you’re a bride or bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding, you may be wondering what type of silhouette you should look into. Our friends at Simply Bridal put together an infographic to suggest a silhouette based on body type. Enjoy!

Ring Bearer Pillow

A Familiar Ring To It (Part 2 of 3)

In my last post, I mentioned how my mother butchered her wedding dress along with my grandmother’s in order to create something very special for my wedding day.  Patches of both dresses were sewn into my dress, but that was just the … Continue reading »

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The Day I Got Too Fat For My Rings…

It was a sad day when I had to take off my engagement and wedding rings, but it was for good reason. We’re having a baby, and in a matter of days! But I had to take them off pretty early in … Continue reading »