Lake side Wedding

A Deep South Wedding

Congratulations to Christina and Chris! This is our first time in Northern Alabama. We were there for a wedding of GT’s high school classmate, Christina. She and her now husband, Chris, both live and work in New York City. However, they decided … Continue reading »

At the place card table

The joining of two flames

Gt and I wanted to incorporate an unity candle ceremony within our wedding as a symbol of love and union. For those who never witnessed a unity candle ceremony, here is a brief description. In the ceremony, close family members (for our … Continue reading »

Jen's Programs

DIY Monday: Wedding Programs

I’m an avid collector of wedding programs.  And I’m anal about them.  So many couples just do a folded sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper (A4), but I’m a unique sort of person and love programs that think outside the square. … Continue reading »

Jen & Ka-Wah's outdoor wedding

Shoes and Outdoor Weddings

In the last three weeks, I have been a guest at three different weddings (today being the third).  Each wedding has been quite different from each other, and with a completely different circle of friends.  Two of the weddings have had outdoor … Continue reading »

Bridesmiad Bouquets

Bouquets In Bloom – Variations on a Theme

With Spring well upon us, I can’t help but notice the sudden burst of color with flowers blooming everywhere.  I love love LOVE flowers and experimenting with arrangements – I like to try pairing unexpected varieties and colors to make a statement.  … Continue reading »