finished bottles

DIY : water bottle labels

My husband and I have been helping out with my brother-in-law’s wedding lately. This is our latest project: custom water bottle labels. Since the majority of their guests are coming from out of town, the bride’s mother wanted to welcome everyone with … Continue reading »

From Masa Li Li

It’s a Taiwan photo shoot : Part II

This is a continuation from one of my previous posts: Part I.  The contract prohibited us to bring our own cameras and we have not gotten the digitals yet, so I won’t be able to post any pictures until we get them from … Continue reading »

At the place card table

The joining of two flames

Gt and I wanted to incorporate an unity candle ceremony within our wedding as a symbol of love and union. For those who never witnessed a unity candle ceremony, here is a brief description. In the ceremony, close family members (for our … Continue reading »

By saipua

Back to nature placecards

When I was planning our wedding, I’ve been seeing so many images of using fruit as placecard holders. I absolutely loved the idea.  However, we ended up using something that was more suited with our table names. I wanted to share with … Continue reading »

Sara Wall

trash that dress?

Last week I was watching a feature on NBC’s TODAY for a great and creative idea on what to do with your dress after the big party.  There has been a recent trend to “trash your dress.” Brides wear their big white … Continue reading »

Source: John Larkin Photography

New Twist on Photo Booths

I was going through Facebook, and came across an album a few of my friends were tagged in from a wedding recently. The pics were so hysterical I just had to share about them. The bride and groom set up a “photo … Continue reading »

Wedding Planning: some of my favorite things

I loved my wedding! But I’m very glad I don’t have to plan it any more! So, who am I, and why am I here, blogging about something I’m glad I no longer have to do? Well, first up, my name is … Continue reading »