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DIY : water bottle labels

My husband and I have been helping out with my brother-in-law’s wedding lately. This is our latest project: custom water bottle labels. Since the majority of their guests are coming from out of town, the bride’s mother wanted to welcome everyone with … Continue reading »

recipe card

Once upon a pink bridal shower

My brother-in-law is getting married in August! Yay! I have the wonderful privilege to be a part of their wedding as a bridesmaid. As some of you may already know, I love weddings and what I love most about weddings are the … Continue reading »

DIY Embroidered Wedding Invitations

Holy moly, these hand embroidered and painted invitations are amazing! The artist, Anna Bond, hand stitched and painted the design, then scanned and printed it for the invitations.  Amazing! (via Craftzine)

From Masa Li Li

It’s a Taiwan photo shoot : Part II

This is a continuation from one of my previous posts: Part I.  The contract prohibited us to bring our own cameras and we have not gotten the digitals yet, so I won’t be able to post any pictures until we get them from … Continue reading »


tying the knot

There are many many stories and cultures that have contributed to the term “tying the knot”.  Whatever it may mean or where ever it may have come from, it has stuck to be associated to mean “getting married” in today’s society.  Here … Continue reading »

By saipua

Back to nature placecards

When I was planning our wedding, I’ve been seeing so many images of using fruit as placecard holders. I absolutely loved the idea.  However, we ended up using something that was more suited with our table names. I wanted to share with … Continue reading »

Color-matching your wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s helpful to have some of your wedding color samples with you at all times – who knows if that trip to Target to grab some random non-wedding item will result in a super cool find for … Continue reading »

What’s Your Invitation Style?

Since your wedding invitation is the very first thing that your guests will see, it should set the tone for your wedding.  As the expression goes, “nothing beats a good first impression,” the same goes for your invitations.  Get your guests excited … Continue reading »