Oil Crisis Effect on Destination Weddings

When I heard about the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, I was on the verge of tears. It’s so sad to see that we are destroying our planet and that we don’t have a solution to clean up the mess that … Continue reading »

Lake side Wedding

A Deep South Wedding

Congratulations to Christina and Chris! This is our first time in Northern Alabama. We were there for a wedding of GT’s high school classmate, Christina. She and her now husband, Chris, both live and work in New York City. However, they decided … Continue reading »

Scene 3

It’s a Taiwan photo shoot : Part III

This is a continuation from one of my previous posts: Part I & Part II. We got the digital photos! Just a couple of days ago, GT and I had our third wedding reception. It was held here in Taichung, Taiwan. Although … Continue reading »

From Masa Li Li

It’s a Taiwan photo shoot : Part II

This is a continuation from one of my previous posts: Part I.  The contract prohibited us to bring our own cameras and we have not gotten the digitals yet, so I won’t be able to post any pictures until we get them from … Continue reading »

from Masa Li Li

It’s a Taiwan photo shoot: Part I

My hubby and I were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to take many photos together on our wedding day due to the rain. So there was a suggestion for us to take some “hun sha” photos in Taiwan since we … Continue reading »

Elyse & Brad's Wedding

Elyse & Brad’s Wedding

It’s all about destination weddings this year. In June it was San Francisco, then there was Honolulu! The thought of just going to Hawaii was a dream. Now having a wedding in Hawaii, this was heaven. The wedding was held at a … Continue reading »

Overlook of a bay in St. John

Destination Wedding 101

While vacationing this week in St. Thomas and St. John, we came across the most beautiful sites and wanted to take the opportunity to capture insight into planning a destination wedding in the Caribbean. I had previously searched for a Caribbean destination … Continue reading »