Giving Gifts That Warm the Heart and Fill the Stomach

presents Giving Gifts That Warm the Heart and Fill the Stomach by Lynn Steinberg Food has a unique way of connecting people. It brings together families and friends, joins people in reminiscing or in experimenting, and is the center of celebrations, memories and … Continue reading »


Monogrammed Gifts You Can Do

presents Monogrammed Gifts You Can Do by Nicole Big Fat Cake asked Nicole, “What are the best monogrammed ideas?” Here is Nicole’s response: Most practical monogrammed gift that could be used after the wedding: The wrap robes are a great price point … Continue reading »

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Bridal Shower Gifts

Going to a bridal shower and clueless about what to give? And you’re clueless because you don’t want to give the bride something generic, i.e. cookware, dishware, home decor, or lingerie. Of course all girls love a few additions to her lingerie … Continue reading »

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Bridesmaids Gifts

Trying to figure out what to give your bridesmaids? There’s no correct way and specific gift but just like any gift, hopefully you can find something that they’ll like. Being part of the wedding party requires alot of money on their part … Continue reading »

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Tit for Tat Gift-Giving?

<question> I’m annoyed at how nowadays wedding “gifts” aren’t really gifts at all and they’re more like buying your ticket to the wedding. Gifts are freely given, or should be, but I feel like in weddings its not like that anymore. You … Continue reading »


Long Distance Travel

<question> I was invited to a wedding in Utah and it’s going to cost me several hundred dollars to fly out there, stay in a hotel, and rent a car. Am I really expected to spend about $100 on their gift, too? … Continue reading »

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Gift Giving – What’s Expected of You?

This past wedding season I got a lot of questions from guests about etiquette so I wanted to share with everyone: <question> How much do I spend on the wedding gift? </question> No one should think of this as a hard fast … Continue reading »