Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

presents Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation It’s almost impossible to undo a poor first impression. That’s why choosing the right wedding invitation is so important. It’s the first part of your wedding guests will see, and it sets the tone for the … Continue reading »


Recognizing Parents and Grandparents in the Ceremony

This couple had a touching way to recognize the marriages of their parents, while also recognizing the marriages of their grandparents. This program also shows ways to include grandparents, even if they are deceased. We shared earlier about who to include in … Continue reading »

Wedding Program Example. Photo Source: theweddingprinter.com

Who Should You Include in Your Wedding Program?

<question> Who do I add on the wedding ceremony program? I understand the wedding party, but do I include the wedding singer if they’re already noted in the program schedule? Do I include the wedding coordinator? How about guestbook attendants? DJ? Reception … Continue reading »

Program 3 - Thanh and Jane

Ideas from my Wedding Program Library

Last week I shared some of the wedding programs I’ve created.  Today I’m going to share some of the programs that I’ve collected over the last four years (I’ve lived here in the US for 4 years, so everything pre-2005 is back … Continue reading »

Jen's Programs

DIY Monday: Wedding Programs

I’m an avid collector of wedding programs.  And I’m anal about them.  So many couples just do a folded sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper (A4), but I’m a unique sort of person and love programs that think outside the square. … Continue reading »