Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

This couple is so very cute. It took 60+ people to coordinate this proposal. Props to Isaac! Seeing the excitement on this bride’s face had to have made this production worth it.


Should a Guy Know “Yes” Before He Proposes?

So, there’s a YouTube video of this guy proposing to his girlfriend on the Mistle Toe Cam at a UCLA game. It’s a REALLY harsh rejection! I feel so bad for the guy, but it makes me wonder…..shouldn’t a guy know the … Continue reading »

Wedding Proposal Ideas

I gotta give these men credit. There are sweet proposals that melt a woman’s heart, but then these men make elaborate plans that take a long time to coordinate. Their creativity blows me away. This couple was on CNN for the guy’s … Continue reading »

Proposal Like Romantic Comedy or Musical

I’m so impressed by these grooms that put so much effort into the marriage proposal. This groom surprised his bride a sweet dancing number in Washington Square Park in NYC.

Wedding Proposal

I don’t know how long it took for this guy to put this proposal together, but it must have taken lots of hours of practice and coordination. Kudos to him because she said yes! Taken from Today’s Big Thing. See more funny … Continue reading »