Restaurants with Marriage on the Menu

In the span of one weekend, I went to two (yes, two!) weddings that took place in restaurants. The weddings were so interesting and unique in both atmosphere and food, that it was easy to attend one after the other without feeling … Continue reading »

Darlington House

Washington Wedding Gem

Just this past weekend, I had my ten year high school reunion. It was at what I have decided is the most charming and Washington-y venues in DC, Darlington House. They have a gorgeous second floor library which is so quintessentially Washington, … Continue reading »

Crowne Plaza

V is for Venue

Poor Kris and I went all over the DC-metro area on the hunt for venues. We looked at all-inclusive places, we looked at empty shells that you rent and then bring in everything on your own, we looked at restaurants, we looked … Continue reading »

Venues in Virginia!

Hi! New blogger here… and the topic is reception venues! When we had started talking about receptions, we dreamed of an outdoor reception with white Christmas lights strung everywhere and lots of candles. Then reality hit. We realized that the table rental, … Continue reading »

The Atrium

Vote: Where to have an Atlanta wedding

So a couple that I know is planning a wedding in Atlanta for next fall.  They have been venue hunting for quite some time now. They’ve seen a few places they absolutely love and a few places that they don’t.  It’s down … Continue reading »


Venue Search, Part 1

Today, we begin our short series of venues considered, but ultimately not chosen. We’ll start with one of my favorite settings – lofts. We looked at several loft spaces in Manhattan. Nearly all of them made my fiance and I drool, with … Continue reading »