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cupcake anyone?

Cupcakes have become more and more popular as a wedding cake option. I really love beautiful and innovative designs of cupcake stands I’ve seen lately.  One of my absolute favorites from the New York Metropolitan area is Pink Cake Box. Here are … Continue reading »


My wedding cake topper

Since Nat did a post on wedding cake toppers this week, I thought I’d post about mine. I too really wanted to make my own wedding cake topper. At first I had a really hard time deciding what to make, how to … Continue reading »

10% discount off your wedding cake when you mention this ad

Beautiful Wedding Cakes for Our Readers

You may remember Nat’s post yesterday about Cake Bee. For all our readers, if you mention this post to Sally at Cake Bee, she will offer a 10% discount off your entire wedding cake order and a complimentary cake tasting, as long … Continue reading »

A cake-person, 5 feet tall


Those who know me understand that I’m obsessed with certain foods, like french fries.  The general category of “dessert” runs a very close second to those delicious fried potatoes, and I’m especially enamored with cakes.  I’ve been known to eat them for … Continue reading »


Having Our Cake Too

The venue we booked has a baker as part of the deal. It’s pretty exciting actually. The bakery they’re using is Carlo’s Bakery, in Hoboken. The main guy – Buddy – has been on the Food Network a bunch of times, and … Continue reading »